Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scrubs as Casual Wear

In recent years, scrubs have gained acceptance as an item of casual dress outside of hospitals such as for use as pajamas, workout clothing or loungewear.  Backpackers sometimes use them in an effort to reduce weight load. Now, isn't that an idea for travelling light.

Unlike regular clothes, scrubs are not really an item we can easily get off the shelves but visit Scrubs and Beyond online, you will find available a wide selection of scrubs, uniforms and other kinds of wear for use in healthcare services. They even have Grey's Anatomy scrubs. But for now, let's just concentrate on the Koi brand.

Koi is one of the better brands in the market for medical-wear. You can find koi scrubskoi scrub pants, koi uniforms and others at

We all know that scrubs worn in surgery are almost always colored solid light green, light blue or a light green-blue shade, although some medical centers have switched to pink as a theft deterrent. But these days, scrubs come in many different patterns and colors just like those of Koi's. No wonder scrubs have now become casual wear and for travelling. Look at how nice and modern they are.


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  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    They looked like comfy casual wear. I like comfy clothes.

  3. hmmm, i really have not noticed this actually.. but guess only ladies wear scrubs tops, and guys only wear scrubs pants?? :)

  4. I didn't know it is called Scrubs. ;p