Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to improve Office systems

Is your company growing and you are finding it difficult to manage the office billing system? If so, BillQuick 2010 is what you need.

BillQuick 2010 is one of many office solution products from BQE Software Inc.. BillQuick 2010 fine-tunes workflows and processes to help you speed up billings and cash flow.

However, if you are already using BillQuick in your office, you will want to upgrade to the new version which has 200 New & Improved Features.

What's new? Here are some of what's new and improved:

1. Staff Task Allocation with Dates
2. Personal Time Off Management
3. Memorized Invoices
4. New Staff Workload Widget
5. Expanded Submission and Approval Workflow
and lots more.

If you are already using an earlier version of BillQuick, check out the Comparison Chart to see what you are missing. You can also download a printable brochure of the top features of BillQuick 2010. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial.

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