Monday, December 20, 2010

Authorities unhappy with gay confession

One daring chap..

A 32-year-old man caused a stir with a daring confession on YouTube that he is gay, Metro Ahad reported.

His admission has drawn more than 38,000 viewers and over 600 comments since Wednesday, but it did not go down well with Islamic authorities, which felt that the man had tarnished his own image and Islamic precepts.

Full article in The Star..


  1. Too bad this is Malaysia...

  2. Sorry the daring chap berTuib at the wrong place and wrong time.

  3. well, i think he has every rights to make a confession but perhaps not really that appropriate to do it so publicly?? he has to know his religious background (though that might not be his own choice) does not allow that though.. anyway, i salute him for being honest and courageous on being proud with himself being gay..

  4. He must be very daring to do that. And of course this being Malaysia, I expect the authorities to be unhappy with the confession.