Wednesday, January 4, 2006

A Brand New Year

I know, I know, It's January 4 and I still haven't got my
first post up. Either I'm still hung over from the effects
of New Year's eve (muscles don't work right, brain in worse
condition) or in denial that this is a brand new year and life
simply, simply must go on - blogging especially.

Anyway, I must say these past few days have been rather fun
and relaxing to say the least. I just blog-hopped and enjoyed
reading all the interesting new year stories and ooh-aahhing
at the lovely, lovely pictures that go along.

Am still receiving and returning New Year greetings (you too
I'm sure).

Well, this is the start of a new year, so I thought it'd be good
to remind ourselves the do's and don'ts to gear up for yet another
great year.

Okay, listen up people, here goes.......

2005 has sped by (Thank

Now, we need to face 2006 (with a metal table if need be)

There may be risks involved (Crocos perhaps)

We may need to face roadblocks

So stay alert (with Orange Kipling bag or red CK)

Share time with friends (Shee-sheeing)

Jump over obstacles

With care (Wei Wei, don't go off-topic!)

And caution (Use Winn detergent to wash your hair)

Face challenges

Remember to laugh (Go fishing at the rink)

Cooperate (Vote)


Make new friends (blogging)

Above ready for adventure (kayaking)

Stick together (Vote again)

And you will be able to go far (South China Sea)

Very far.....(Pacific Ocean)

Well, not quite that far....(Sarawak River will do lah)

Always take time to smell the flowers (even blue lilies)

Don't forget to relax and enjoy (even during court hearings)

And never forget to love those dearest to you

May God Bless You All & Happy New Year Again


  1. OMG! So cute ones! I'm wriggling in my cubicle right now! Thanks for the big grin. I am happy!

  2. Can't stand it. Must say more. Reminds me of puss in boots of Shrek 2. And the remarks, hihi... we know who they are for...apart from yourself that is...

  3. Hi Agus, the first one to read my ramblings. Glad you like it. hehe...

    Yeah, what are (blogger)friends for but to provide some lighter moments, right(?) though am expecting some flak pretty, pretty soon.

  4. Happysurfer, that is brilliant! Is that your original creation, or did you take it off a website somewhere?

    My cat died suddenly last summer. I miss it.

  5. MM, so sorry about your cat. Hope the pictures did not stir up bad memories. If so, my apologies.

    The pictures were copied (shamelessly) from an email. The captions too but the extension of the captions (in italics) are original (obviously).

    Btw, I've answered your query about the dog being unlucky in my earlier post. Hope it'll allay some anguish. ;)

  6. Cuet Cute Meow Meow...

    yes... must do something in the new year

  7. ok ok ok ... now that happy has come out from her hibernation and is paying us compliments(?) or references in a rather oblique manner ...

    ... and I LOVE IT! hee hee hee!
    very cute lah and the (shamelessly copied) adorable felines pics are very much appreciated by one who hails from a city called kuching!

    thank u dear!

  8. ive been bz sending n replying new yaer sms especially on 30th and 1st.

    now all quiet down already

  9. Happy New Year happy!
    haha what language i m using...

    cute kittens! kittens are alwys fun to watch. they are constantly curious about everything!

    have a lovely year ahead!

  10. Happy, Happy New Year! :p

  11. Hey Robin, good luck on whatever you must do in the new year.

    FH2o, oooohhh......careful now. Dun go overboard with the Kuchingian (to borrow from louyau-mike).

    louyau-mike, nice new word. hehe..

    Jellyfish, new year novelty all waning, mah. Glad you're able to get off the phone and onto the PC/notebook for some serious business (blogging). ;)

    Hi yd, Happy New Year to you too. Hope you'll have blue skies and all things nice in the new year.

    Low, hi! Happy to find this China-man here. Hope the new year has been great so far and better the rest of the year. Happy New Year!

  12. Great post, happysurfer! A sweet set of photos, but what is best is your captions and the way you made reference to your "blogging buddies". Sweet.

    Another year ahead to learn and grow. Happiness to you.

  13. Pandabonium, thank you, kind sir. Happiness to you too.

  14. HAHHA. happysurfer, u always have to rub it in ehhhh
    but i like the cats. they are so ambitious. compared to me.
    looks like they can conquer the world.

    esp the blonde one. HAHAHHAHA

  15. Hi Winn, don't mind if I do but actually these lines are in my book of classics like ingrained in my mind and ready for use whenever the occasion calls for it. haha!
    Of course, if you've decided to start charging for the use of the brand, I will have to switch brands lah.

  16. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Great set pics HappySurfer. Have a great year ahead.

  17. Very very nice story... love the last pic best....

  18. Hahhaa...
    this is interesting..
    cats are very bossy leh..
    but still.. they are cute :)

  19. Hello pfong, thank you for visiting.

    Lrong, welcome back!

    Chen, cats bossy? Hmmm.... and I thought humans are. hehehehe....

  20. nooooooooooooooooooooo...
    dun switch brand. Use winn - the complete care .

    i was joking.

    no i wasnt.

    yes i was.

    no i wasnt.

    yes i was

    -_- ( gee i so mou liew)

  21. Winn, good for you. The complete care, eh? I like that. haha.....

  22. Anonymous9:30 PM

    wah the cat is soooooooooooo cute !!

  23. Hey, Smashpop, thanks for visiting. Nice blog - nice pictures.

  24. most of the time, cats will think that they are the masters and they are more superior than human ;)

  25. Chen, is that a fact! Snob-cat, eh? Didn't know that. Tks for sharing.

  26. wow! chen can think like a cat ... meow meow ;)