Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Funny pictures

Source unknown


  1. hahahaha... I have tons of this pics..

    May be I can send you some too.

    Did u miss me? fH2o says so!

  2. Hi Robin, you're back!!

    Did I miss you? DID I MISS YOU? We all missed you and to think that you snuck away for a One-Night-in-Bangkok kinda fun while we were all wondering where you were like perhaps you got lost under that metal table of yours or you went fishing and got dragged under by a big one?

    How could you do this to us? We, your blogger-buddies? We, your.....whatever. Hope you had fun.

    One Night in Bangkok - I love this song. Heard it a few times and fell in love with it. It's so what shall I!
    It is good to have you back.

    No, don't send me those pictures - I've got tons myself. You could post the better ones and share them with us.

    p.s. FH2o can say what he wants.
    FH2o, you are bad influence, you know that?

  3. hello hello, don't talk like that behind my back lah ...

    its a very naughty song that football fans likes to karaoke ... go ahead n knock yourself out! (oops!)

    wait till i stop posting for a while then you'll miss me too! ;)

    robin! don't u encourage happy to post naughty pics! these days i get nervous over wat she might post next! (BIG sigh!)

  4. FH2o, I didn't know that, the karaoke part. I can think of other songs that guys like to sing at karaoke sessions! See, ladies are soooo good. haha......

    I shall ignore the last bit of your comment.

  5. Aiyo..

    Peace, Love and Compassion...

    And Tong Tong Cheng!!!!!