Monday, January 9, 2006

Short takes

Fans of Mike Shinoda or Fort Minor might be interested to note
that the group will be rocking Kuala Lumpur on Feb 28 at the
Indoor Arena, Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort.
And if you miss them here, you'll be able to catch them in
Singapore the following day.

There's good news for fans of American Idol as you can catch the
new season starting Jan 18. The Performance Show is on Weds at 6pm,
8pm, 11:30pm and Thurs at 2:30pm. Results Show is on Thurs at 6pm,
8pm and 11:30pm. The accidental celebrity, William Hung, comes to

And here's a movie I'd like to catch, "The Stepford Wives".
It's coming on this Sat at 9pm on Astro's HBO. It stars
Nicole Kidman (I love Nicole Kidman) and Glenn Close (the lady
as Cruella in '101 Dalmations' and the other lady in 'Fatal
Attraction' with Michael Douglas).

'Oasis' will be in Singapore performing at the Singapore Indoor
Stadium on Thurs, Feb 23, 8pm. Tickets are available at all
Sistic outlets or call 6348 5555;
Online bookings:

And in football, Thiery Henry of Arsenal is staying back in
Arsenal. Ever since he became the Captain after Patrick Viera
left, the team has not been doing well. I think his old style
of play is being stifled as he has to look out for his teammates,
as Captain, rather than being free to show off his individual
prowess. I don't care. I support Man United.


  1. I'm afriad we have to wait till that Rooney grew...Maybe Fergie's time is up, no one can be in their peak all the time.

    ManU is good as normal this year, just that the blues are too damn good!!! Can someone shoot Lampard or something? Hehe!!!

  2. Low, it's not Lampard that should be shot but Mourinho. Let's start a petition to bring back Ranieri or Ruud Guillit then let's see how the blues will fair. haha!

    Rooney is doing good and can be better but has to check his temper. But I like his passion and the way he reads the game. It'll be tough for MU to get back the same team as that of the 98/99 season - the treble season.

    Low, who do you think would be the right person to replace Fergie?

  3. Lampard played nearly every game. Score more goals than some bloody striker, good at assist. He is part of Mourinho's strategy, no matter what strategy the manager uses.

    Now thanks to the double M (money and manager), he found his own perfect army. Hate to acknowledge Chelsea, but Lampard definitely deserved the credits.

    Treble season for ManU? The squart are too young, in terms of age and teamwork. You must have postive competition among your team mates, that everyone will bring out their best form, fight for their positions. Ferdinand performs like a fresh beast after some blunders and got smashed.

    Next manager? I'm not a football maniac but i sees Frank Rijkaard will do the job. You either born as natural manager like Mourinho or you tell your players: Hey, I'm there before you do.

    Other than that, try Roy Keane. He had temper problems, like Rooney. That makes them good player, and perhaps, manager?

    I don't see how ManU would over come Chelsea this season, unless someone like Beckham start feeding Ruud timely and perfect pass, or some forgotten South American player like Forlan start scoring out of nowhere.

    Having said all that, the ball is round, embedded with electronic chips or not...

  4. who are all these people and wat are u people talking about? ;)


  5. Low, you may be right about Lampard. He's doing very well and is really very fit - hardly gets injured.

    MU's young ones are not growing fast enough in terms of performance and the older ones are not much help at times. It would take a miracle for MU to overtake Chelsea this season though I've not given up hope - anything can happen. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Beckham and Ruud back together? A bit of wishful thinking don't you think? Hey, Forlan is no longer in MU.

    Steve McClaren is the man to manage MU - my vote. He used to be Fergie's assistant and now is managing Boro and giving MU a run for their money.

    You're right that the ball is round though I'm not sure about the embedded chips. haha..

    FH2o, we're talking about English football, the English Premier League (EPL). Apologies if we're boring you.

  6. Waaa, footie's up in the air. The unbeatable Chelsea. I wonder if some chelsea's fans are getting tired of the winning streaks. It makes the EPL monotonous and boring, like the ferari's glorious season after seasons made the F1 somewhat predictable and uninteresting. But not anymore!

  7. Everyone knows Forland is the Spanish league's top scorer last season, of course I'm aware of his departure, my dear :)

    If i'm not mistaken FIFA is planning to run a test on embedded chips in football, for the good and bad. Now you can surely tell if the ball hits hard on the bar, fell and cross the ultimate decisive line, or not.

    Agus, i agreed. F1 game changed almost instantly. Maybe this is partly marketing strategy, well, as long as the fans are happy, why not!

  8. No lah not boring lah ... VERY VERY THE BORING LAH!! ;)

  9. you sound like a newscaster.

    are you doing a sarah tan thing like the MTV? :p hehe

    oh.. u started the football thing n it's never gonna end now...

    i know nuts abt football. i only recognise david backham..n he's only known to me coz of posh spice. HAHA. football is so outta my league.

  10. Agus, right you are, but I would not be (tired) if MU is leading season after season after season. haha! Double standards, eh? Thanks for your thoughts.

    Low, you're right. Forlan is performing so well now. He should have done that at MU then he wouldn't have been sold off. Oh well!

    If technology can improve the game, any game for that matter, why not. Less controversy then.

    Hi Winn, newscasters need listeners too, you know?! Thanks for dropping by.

    Talk about Posh Spice, did you know that the Spice Girls' song "Wannabe" was voted one of 2005's baddest (utter badness) song in the US? Critics came up with ten of the worst songs last year and this is one of them. But the one who has the highest honour is 'Macarena'. LOL!

    Those interviewed for their viewpoints (and they're music industry people) had a whale of a time tearing down the lyrics. Very amusing.

  11. hello? hello?
    boring comments also warrants a response! no? guess not! ;)

  12. Oops! FH2o, sorry you feel that way, bored. Shall I say the same for kayaking? Just kidding. It was nice to have you visit - just to add some spice. Thank you.