Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen is the Winner of The American Idol Season 8

And the "Idol" winner is (interminable Ryan Seacrest pause here) ... Kris Allen.

The charmingly humble and cute 23-year-old from Conway, Ark., walked off with the Season 8 crown Wed night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The surprising results were announced at 10:04pm Eastern time.

Are you disappointed?

Clearly, Adam Lambert is a better singer though Kris gave a few good performances and improved each week. Do you think Adam Lambert lost because of his sexual orientation?

Below are a few of my favourite numbers/performances..

Kris Allen singing Apologize and Heartless

Adam Lambert - Mad World. I prefer the live version but no longer available on YouTube

Allen's win must have been a disappointment to Simon Cowell as he (Simon) was clearly rooting for Lambert and have even urged viewers to vote for rocker Lambert, a blatant and unprecedented display of favoritism.


  1. Well, I guess it could be because of Adam's sexual background. But hey, how can Simon explicitly side with one contestant? Should be neutral mah :P

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I don't think Kris' winning has anything to do with Adam's sexual preferences. The votes that previously went to Gokey have swayed to Kris. Adam's quite an entertainter but he tends to be more on the rockish side. But I do agree Adam's talented.

    Still, I am happy that Kris won :)

  3. PandaB, no tv no cry.. LOL!

    JL, quite appalling what Mr Cowell did, eh? Oh well.. he's human afterall. In a moment of weakness, my dear, in a moment of weakness...

    Mei Teng, that makes sense. I read about that too. People who are into Gokey's style may easily switch over to Kris's style much to Adam's disadvantage. There were one hundred million votes. I wonder what's the margin like.

  4. I don't even think Kris is qualified for the finale. What more winning the title. So crappy! Adam definitely is way more talented and have better voice.

    Well never mind, who wins does not matter. We shall see who sells more album. But you know, I have a freaky feeling Kris will make very good album sales cos he has so many teenage fans! Not only that, I think he has fans from gay men too! : )

  5. @foong
    Lol. Kris is more handsome than Adam I'd have to say, plus he's like the pretty boy next door some more. If I were a girl also I'd choose him lorh. XD

  6. Anonymous12:43 AM

    i think adam should win! =D