Saturday, May 2, 2009

Videos with more than 100 Million Views

100 Million Views Club. What is this you ask. This refers to the videos across dozens of video-sharing sites that have had 100 million views and above as tracked by Visible Measures, the independent third-party measurement firm for Internet video publishers, advertisers, and viral marketers.

You won't see 100 million on the view counter on YouTube or any other video-sharing site, of course, as these are accumulated totals as consolidated by Visible Measures but it would be appropriate to say that most of these views occur on YouTube.

And guess what?! Susan Boyle made it to this club with a whopping 186 million views making her bigger online than Bush, Obama and Fey.

Here are The Top Five Most-viewed Videos:

1. Crank Dat Soldier Boy by Soldier Boy - 356,300,000 views

2. Twilight, the movie trailer - 266,500,000 views

3. Touch My Body - Mariah Carey - 230,200,000 views

4. Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Terrorist - 196,500,000 views

5. Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent - 186,000,000 views

Other notable 100 Million Views Club members include the movie trailer of Dark Knight viewed 172,500,000 times in 9th place; Evolution of Dance at 11th place with 147,000,000 views; and Charlie Bit My Finger Again at 13th with 136,000,000 views.

Source: Mashable


  1. Congrats to Susan Boyle, she's become a star in YT already. Does it even matter even if she doesn't win Britain's Got Talent? :D

  2. Woohoo! Mariah Carey's video in top 10! Congrats to Susan Boyle! Her voice is amazing!

  3. Jim, it doesn't matter at all even if she doesn't win this contest because Simon Cowell's company is now in talks with her to sign her up. Good for her!

    Foong, I actually thought of you being elated when you read this. Mariah has a great fan in you.

  4. wow great share. susan has been getting good reviews & views. cool! especially coming from an average person (before the show).

  5. hmmm.. some of this u-tube thingy is good.

    oops.. better get back to work.

  6. QC, stories like hers is inspiring to 'lesser mortals'. Of course, there needs to be talent to start with.

    Robin, I agree. We just need to know what and where to look for. I remember the one you recommended about the dying professor's talk. Sad that he has passed away a few month's ago.