Friday, December 2, 2011

Kajang flooded for about three hours after torrential rain

Aerial view of the flood today. — Photo from Facebook/Malaysian Insider

Hours of torrential rain this afternoon caused the river to break its banks resulting in Kajang town being submerged under floodwaters with cars being swept aside. The town practically came to a standstill as waters rose to more than a meter. Water rushed into shopping complexes, shops and restaurants.

The streets began to flood at 3pm and by 6pm, floodwaters have subsided enough for cars to move.

Two videos below from The Malaysian Insider..

Images from The Star where you can also read more about the flood.


  1. That sure looks bad. o.O

  2. Real bad! Got a friend in Kajang gotta lose his income as all his washing machines in his dhobi shop were not spared. Heard over the radio 988 about the flood but they didn't elaborate much.

  3. Scary stuff (again!) I hope they have car insurance against flood damage.

  4. Oh! Almost like Tsunami! :(
    We have floods here too in some cities in Indonesia :(

  5. Oh... is it a new layout or is it just me? lol

    I was just checking if you had a new blog post :D Hope next post will be about good news

  6. Lina, I couldn't agree more.

    Bananaz, that sounds bad. Sorry for your friend. Hope he has insurance for the premise.

  7. Ai Shiang, yeah, hope they'll be able to get some compensation.

    Rad, almost like a tsunami? Is it a normal affair for those cities? For Kajang, I think it's a first.

    Not a new layout though have been thinking about it for sometime now. Upgrade is long overdue actually. My bad.