Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suspected WikiLeaks source appears in U.S. court

When I first read about Wikileaks and about those cables with private and sensitive information, I wondered about the source or sources. I may now have the answer. A few days ago, the suspected Wikileads source appeared in US court standing trial at a general court martial on 22 criminal charges.

The poster says American Peace Hero, Bradley Manning.

People leaving the St Paul's Cathedral annual Thanksgiving service look at a protest in support of Bradley Manning in London November 24, 2011. REUTERS/Olivia Harris.

If convicted of all counts, Bradley Manning would face a maximum punishment of life imprisonment, reduction in rank to the lowest enlisted pay grade, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and a dishonourable discharge, the Army said in a statement.

The most serious charge, aiding the enemy, is a capital crime that carries the death penalty but the Army has indicated it does not plan to seek that punishment.

WikiLeaks eventually posted online hundreds of thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables that exposed the candid views of U.S. officials and their allies.

It also released about half a million classified U.S. files on the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Manning was caught after he bragged about his activities to former hacker Adrian Lamo, who turned him in to authorities, Lamo told Reuters.

Private First Class Bradley Manning from Crescent, Okalahoma native, turned 24 the day after the proceedings began.

Bradley Manning - would you consider him a Hero or a Villain?

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  1. to the innocent he is a hero, to the villians he is their villian~~ :p

  2. Interesting comment [SK]. When as a young boy one old friend shared this with me. "When a good guy says that person is bad he is bad, but when a bad guy says that person is good he is bad". Confused? haha.

  3. HappySurfer the Met Dept is not choon, its raining woof and meow now..ma Mama like to say this phrase..'if can believe elephant also can climb trees'. OR another one which I cannot comprehend "if can believe snake also die".

  4. SK, so true.

    Bananaz, LOL
    Wise friend you have.

    Love the expressions. KIV them for a post. Am sure you'll get lots of reader suggestions.