Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Malaysia's first free satellite TV service

Have you heard? Malaysians will soon get to enjoy the country's first free satellite television service. This was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday.

The new service is named NJOI (pronounced as 'enjoy') and is provided by Astro. Astro is currently the country's sole provider of (paid) satellite television service. The free service will have 18 TV channels and 19 radio stations. No details of these channels as yet.

It will be available by the first quarter of next year. A decoder and a dish is needed which have to be purchased. However, there is no monthly subscription fee.

The television channels featured include TV1, TV2, TVi, iView, i130, CCT 4, Bernama TV, and Astro's home-grown channels such as Awani, AEC, Prima, and Vaanavil.

From July, a prepaid system will be in place for customers to enable a menu of add-on programmes.

Source: The Star..PM launches country's first free satellite TV service


  1. Why suddenly so good one? AHA!!!

  2. Better for Najib to tell Astro to reduce the subcription rate of Astro

  3. Bananaz, yeah, we all can see thru all this, can't we? More focus should be on the issues that really matter.

    Eugene, you've hit the nail on the head. Not only Astro, our internet charges are also exorbitant!

  4. give free something and make a big news about it, then increase charges on other things. Or waste people's money on something that benefit the politicians afterwards.

  5. interesting but then please be prepared that albeit no monthly fees will be charged, we need to pay monthly maintenance and service fees~~ :D

  6. Then Unifi gotta increase their free channels to fend a kick from NJOI.

  7. Oh how convenient! But I guess if you don't go on with the subscription after the free period expires the dish and decoder will be quite useless.

  8. TV1 & V2 are already free. Why bother? Channels not included in NJOI like TV3, NTV7 etc are also free.

    Free satellite is only meaningful if it includes such channels like ESPN and National Geographic.

  9. Thought today is Friday likewise for yesterday as well wanna check out your Friday frolics haha..sudah holiday & Xmas mood already or kena dadah-ed to your FF.

  10. Lina, I couldn't have said it better. There is always a catch somewhere, isn't there? Sigh..

    SK, monthly maintenance and service fees? I didn't think I read that but you're probably right about paying for repair costs later on.

  11. Bananaz, that would be good so I can stop Astro.

    Rad, it's free and no expiry date indicated though it would be prepaid in July if subscriber would like to have access to more channels. There's the catch!

  12. KS, the biggest drawback I'm seeing (beside the price structure) is bad weather. During heavy rains and thunderstorms transmission is totally out. Satellite tv has this inherent problem.

    Bananaz, LOL! Thanks for the great support. I have no issue with you stopping by regularly though. :p
    No doubt, the holiday mood is definitely in the air. December is a wonderful month, don't you think?