Monday, December 19, 2011

1Malaysia TV

The 1Malaysia philosophy is spreading its wings further with the launch of 1Malaysia TV on Sunday by the Prime Minister who said that "with today's technology, the public is able to receive news and information "in the blink of an eye and that official government news and information must be disseminated in real time speed to curb the spread of false news.

1Malaysia TV is an internet and mobile tv and can be accessed using Apple, Blackberry and Android smartphones and tablets.

The tv offers the following channels - RTM1, RTM2, TV3, CCTV 1, TV Al Hijrah, E-Korea TV, My Youth TV, Erama Music, Erama Documentary TV and KLPOP Online Radio Streaming. 1Malaysia is targeted at viewers aged between 18 and 25.

The address is at or Smartphone users can download the application from their respective app store.

According to Bernama, 1Malaysia TV is recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the first new media television based on the 1Malaysia concept.

- The Star.. PM: Official news must be put out quickly to curb spread of false news
- Bernama


  1. sorry but i really think all these 1Malaysia products are just, errrmmm, a little too "lebih".. spending time and money and resources and effort in all these chores, then why not manage the country more efficiently?? haiz~~

  2. SK, my exact sentiments. This 1Malaysia thingy is becoming an overkill really.

  3. What? The app costs $0.99? Shouldn't they make it free forever? : )

  4. whoaaa how convenient!
    I could definitely have more fun with my iPad if we had such thing here in Indo.

  5. Foong, that's still a good price if you don't mind getting an overload of govt info.

    Rad, yeah, Indonesia could also start her own 1Indonesia TV.