Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Messi, the Psychic Octopus

Remember Paul, the Octopus, (who can forget Paul!), the psychic Octopus that became world famous during the last World Cup after correctly predicting all the results involving the German team, as well as that of the final, won by Spain? We now have a new psychic octopus, in Spain.

According to this article in The Star,
Psychic octopus tips Barca to beat Real

Messi the “psychic” octopus predicted on Monday that Barcelona will beat Real Madrid during the first Clasico of the season this weekend.

The octopus, named after Barcelona’s Argentine forward Lionel Messi, forecast the win by choosing to eat a sardine from a glass bottle decorated with the Catalan side’s crest, instead of one from a bottle with Real’s crest, at the Sea Life Aquarium in the southern city of Benalmadena.

Real face arch rivals Barcelona at home at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday. They are currently at the top of the league table with 37 points, three more than second-placed Barcelona.

By the way, fans of Chelsea FC would be pleased to know that Chelsea made it through to last 16 of Champions League. Didier Drogba scored two goals and set up another for Chelsea to qualify for the knockout phase of the Champions League as Group E winners by beating Valencia 3-0 at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.


  1. Not so much on 100% from the 'power' of the octopus but the footballers themselves where the mind plays trick to give them that extra tremendous power. Like one Army General in ancient China always flip a coin before going for war. If its head, will proceed for war and they are quite certain of a win as their minds are all set and geared up. However not a single soldier knows that its both heads on both sides of the coin. All they know is Chargeeeeeeeeeeeeee fight and win. If Messi predicts Barca to win, the players themselves have already won half the battle even running on the field also got wind and ummph..haha. Bananaz Beleaf It Or Not lolz.

  2. hahahaha, but i think it's more of a gimmick than real power and psychic~~ furthermore it kind of influence the psychological aspects of the players, hmmm, maybe that's the intent~~

  3. I wish Real Madrid beat Barcelona. :D

  4. Well, I think Ronaldo the Octopus would tip Read to beat Barca...

  5. Bananaz, clever army general in ancient China. True that the mind can easily be influenced. Napoleon Hill's famous expression comes to mind: "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve". Thanks for sharing the story.

    The last part of your comment made me LOL!

  6. SK, maybe that's the intent. Whether Messi, the Octopus, is psychic or not, we shall see this Saturday after the game.

  7. Tekkaus, Real is currently top of the La Liga table with three points ahead of Barcelona. However, Barca won the title last year with four points ahead of Real.

    So, you are rooting for Real?

    May the better team win.

  8. KS, LOL! Right, you are! I too am skeptical about such predictions. Oh well, it's entertainment news, in a way.

  9. Hmmmm I wish I was into football... :(