Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Happy Pattern Test

Let's do a simple Friday Frolics quiz this week - to wind down the week for the holiday. Yay!

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!

What makes me happy?

Doing My Own Thing Makes Me Happy

You can't help but think outside the box. As far as you're concerned, you don't even know where the box is.

You have a delightful and colorful inner world. People would be stunned if they could see inside your head.

You get a lot of laughter out of life, and others are surprised by how easy it is to make you happy.

You have no desire to lead or follow. You prefer to not be a part of the crowd.


  1. Bananaz got "The Unexpected Makes You Happy"..tQ have a fabulous weekend and Merry X'mas.

    You are the type of person who is good at everything you do. You are competent in many arenas.
    You are bored by routine. You need some whimsy in your life to stay happy.

    You are happiest when you appreciate what you have. Gratitude serves you well.
    You find delight in so many things when you are open to them. It's not hard to make you happy.

  2. i picked the first one with spiral patterns.. oopss, same same like Bananazஇ leh~~ :)

  3. You seem to be into those sorts of quizes, ya :p hehehe

    Do you also believe in what the horoscope says?