Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Frolics - Which of the 12 Days of Christmas Are You?

Time flies doesn't it? In five weeks' time or thereabouts, we will be crossing into a new lunar year. The Year of the Dragon rules from January 23, 2012, and which begins the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. I am looking forward to the holiday though next year has been foretold to be a tumultuous year, if not the end of the world.

In the meantime, life goes on and with Christmas barely ten days away, let's do a Christmas quiz, shall we? A set of interesting questions to boot.

Have a really lovely weekend ahead, everyone!

You Are a Partridge in a Pear Tree

For you, the holidays are a time of quiet reflection. You like to get some moments to yourself.

You like to think about the meaning of the holidays. You tap into the spiritual side of things, even if you aren't religious.

Your holiday wish is peace on earth. You wish the world was a happier place.

You may not be able to change the world through your small actions, but you're going to try!


  1. oh I'm number 3 french chicken! :D

  2. This is cool! Bananaz is a Partridge in a Banana Tree ooops a Pear Tree..sama sama. Have a nice weekend. tQ

  3. hey, i am a partridge in a pear tree also!! haha.. sama sama Happy and Bananaz too~~ :p

  4. Gosh! I am six geese-a-laying! No panda in the results? Hehe

    For you, the holidays are a creative and even inspired time of year. You really get into the spirit of things.
    Whether you're crafting homemade gifts or baking holiday treats, your hands like to stay busy.

    Your holiday wish is for everyone to feel like a kid again. You hope each person experiences some holiday magic.
    This is your favorite season for celebrating old memories and making new ones.

  5. Rad, 3 french chicken? Wonder what it says. All good, I am sure. ;)

  6. Bananaz, SK - now there are 3 partridges in a pear tree. LOL

  7. Foong, six geese-a-laying sounds like fun. Merry Christmas to you!