Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Security at all costs

With crime rate increasing everywhere in the world, the U.S. included, one thing that is not to be taken lightly is security, be it personal security, security of your assets including your vehicle, your office premises or your home.

Even gated residential areas are not safe from burglary. A friend who recently moved to a high-end part of the city had to check out a number of security systems to select the best system that suits his family's needs. He's not taking any chances when it comes to security even though that property is gated and with tight security.

Yet another friend in another gated high-end neighbourhood had to install a security video camera at every entrance/exit point of his sprawling home. Since he opted for the wireless system, there is no visible wiring which makes installation easier. However, he needs to pay extra attention to the battery and have necessary backups to ensure that the video cameras work all the time. A copy of the backup battery and equipment guide is always accessible for reference.

With expensive equipment and assets in his home, he's not taking any chances. Having small children at home further makes it necessary to secure the home to the optimal level possible. When it comes to security of lives, there really is no option. Be safe rather than be sorry.


  1. No where is safe, not even in one's own home.

    OK, a bit dramatic there, haha!!

    Yes, agree home security systems is good. But you can also rely on feng shui to prevent robbery : )

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  3. Everyone must be careful these days! Security is a main issue right now, and technology can absolutely help lessen the worries. Others prefer to depend on such gadgets, while some rely on manpower. Many home owners entrust some of their properties to professional people! In addition to that, the costs incurred in dealing with security also depend on how people use manpower and technology fairly.