Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glass Tiles are great-looking and durable

A colleague who just received keys to his new home is busy with running around and meeting up with building contractors and checking out cornice samples, furnishings, tiles, kitchen equipment, cabinetry, the whole enchilada pertaining to doing the place up for occupation by end of September.

While helping him look up stuff online, a website on tiles caught my attention. I didn't know there are so many different types of tiles available in the market. What fascinates me most are the glass tiles.

Glass tiles are not only great-looking, but durable and impenetrable as well. Because they cannot be breached by liquids, they are ideal for places that get wet often (such as a kitchen backsplash and bathroom), and they are easy to clean with a wet cloth. They are also resistant to many weather conditions, so they are not confined to just indoor use. There are many gorgeous glass tiles for the swimming pool.

Of course, the Glasstilestore not only stocks glass tiles, they also have a wide selection of other tiles including metal tiles, marble tiles and many others including subway tiles. Right now for subway tiles, they are offering a fourth free sample when you order three samples. Plus, if you're in the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, all orders are shipped free of charge.


  1. yeah, glass tiles are more sturdy and looks nice too.. but i guess for more privacy, you only use them as decoration purpose right?? :p

  2. i never know tiles got type
    i thought the type were differentiate by where the tile being produce lol

  3. SK, LOL! They are not totally transparent because they are colored on the back. If you'll click on the links in the post, you'd come to the site. Look around, you'd be amazed at the variety of tiles available.

    Eszol, hi! I too was equally surprised by the range of tiles. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Tiles are an integrated part of home construction. They are the easy replacement of marbles. It is because they are ready-to-use and are available in different varieties. The glass tiles are really beautiful and are durable. So it would be an intelligent idea to use the glass tiles in your homes and offices. Bye.

  5. Instantdocs, glass tiles are gaining in popularity for the many great qualities they present. Thanks for your thoughts.