Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pudu area food hawker center

Recently, some friends wanted some good hawker food so the other evening, we headed out to the Pudu night market/food hawker center. The thing about this place or such eating places is the lack of parking space. We had to park in some obscure and not-so-well-lit lane some distance away. But the food is something else, I tell you. Anyone who has been there will agree, I'm sure.

Anyone with a hearty appetite but not too fussy about ambience, will enjoy eating at these places. Forget about appetite suppressants. They won't work with all that delicious and cheap food available. We each had a fish or pork-mix porridge and shared a variety of other dishes including char kway teow, fried carrot cake, some nyonya kueh and chili clams. Have you been there? What's your favorite food there?


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Have never eaten at the Pudu food hawker centre but have been to the back lane area of Pudu (opposite Sek Yuen) where food stalls are set up at night. I remembered enjoying tong sui and yau cha kuey next to a huge smelly dumpster. Will definitely not do that again.

  2. errr, did you mean Jalan Sayur?? i've been there few times, and i think the fried chicken and curry chee cheong fun is very nice..

  3. i normally park at an open air parking, for just RM2 per entry.. just behind the street..

  4. Visiting here friend..Nice..Special contest bring to u. Don’t Miss it!