Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick Weight Loss the Natural Way

Many people are facing challenges on maintaining their weight. I have colleagues who are cutting down on food intake primarily the carbo group of food. A few are on a fruits-and-vegetables only diet. Others are either walking briskly, jogging or running or taking up gym memberships. Yet one or two are in Taichi classes, yoga, and/or line-dancing. And one is into kick-boxing and this one is a lady, mind you. And I applaud them for their efforts.

Common sense tells us that it takes many factors to contribute to weight loss. A site I came across offers a few tips for a quick weight loss.

Top of the list is Exercise. Exercise is key in order to really lose weight. It revs up your metabolism and burns off excess calories.

Weight training
is next. Lean muscles can actually speed up your metabolism, and therefore, speed up your body’s fat burning capabilities. Without lean muscle mass, your results will be significantly slowed and be short lived.

Keeping a diary is important to really track your eating habits to track your hunger levels and emotions in connection with food. Being aware of your personal patterns can help you achieve success.

Others include

- Focussing on healthy, not getting thin
- Portion control
- Eating slowly
- Eating less fat without forgetting about fat - Fat is a necessary evil. Without good fat, you cannot lose weight. So if you obsess about cutting out every single gram of fat, you are essentially sabotaging your own possible results.

There you go, some tips we could bear in mind when it comes to weight loss the natural way.


  1. I always forget to start the diary. This time I will make it a habit.

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by.

  3. loosing weight by natural way is one of the most important way of loosing weight ,,,this is the only process which do not have any side effects ..and its results stay for along period ..taking pills or fat burner have many side effects.

  4. If you're focused on losing weight naturally, it'll definitely be quick. Thanks for the tips by the way.