Saturday, July 31, 2010

Video and web conferencing

Smart companies today are taking advantage of technological advances such as the Internet to drive their business - reducing costs with Video, Audio and Web Conferencing Services. Where teleconferencing services are concerned, a one-size-fits-all solution is no longer the best option. Companies are looking for choices, along with flexible rates and payment options. One teleconferencing company that delivers these is The Conference Group.

Whether it's video conferencing, audio conferencing or a web conferencing you need, The Conference Group has got your business needs covered. Rather than sending employees half the world to attend a conference, through teleconferencing, participants can join the conference anywhere they are located saving time and money.

A Video conference offers the most well-rounded solution with participants having access to audible and visual communication to freely share ideas and information no matter where in the world each participant is located. A video conference is almost as good as an actual face-to-face meeting.

Web-conferencing is another option that allows companies to communicate faster and better with clients and employees no matter their location or time zone. The Conference Group's ReadyShow® Web conference service enables meeting attendees to log on and have live and ready access to documents referenced during a call. The unique feature controls even let meeting leaders control document-sharing and poll-taking.

The Conference Group's audio conferencing service stands above the competition. They provide the most comprehensive, worldwide Audio conference solution. They offer International toll-free access as well as allowing clients to choose from among many service options for customization purposes. The options include access to a full-time operator, operator provided Q&A, digital record and playback and much more. At just an incredibly low price of 2 ½ cents per minute, the Together Talk® service can accommodate up to 99 participants and offers toll-free access from the U.S. and Canada. The efficient service features entry and exit tones and auto hang-up when the leader exits the call.

For teleconferencing services and when only the very best will do, The Conference Group has the solutions to fit your unique business need. Visit the site for more details as well as to view their demos.


  1. Indeed, smart companies are taking advantage of web conferencing because it makes business sense. Before we started using, Instant Presenter we were spending too much time and money on business meetings. Now that we use video conferencing we are saving money and clients. Since we can meet with any client face-to-face at any time without having to jump on a plane to do so.

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