Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eyeing a Carrera Tag Heuer watch

I have often heard it said that the Chinese community has far too many superstitions. Did you know that it is not appropriate to give a clock as a present to a person of Chinese descent? That is strictly a no-no because the phrase 'gifting a clock' also implies sending someone off in his last moments.

Giving a watch is alright, however. This is because the word 'watch' in Chinese has a different word and sound (more the sound) for it which does not convey the same meaning as that of giving a clock does.

Talking about time-pieces, I was attracted to this nice, simple-looking Carrera Tag Heuer watch I saw online the other day. It is made of polished steel, with a white Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial, Diamond Bezel and Sapphire Crystal. It is a Swiss Automatic Watch. Nice. Very nice.

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