Monday, September 13, 2010

Forbes Special 2020 Report

Interesting article in The Star today about Forbes' predictions for the years ahead. In its special 2020 report called ‘What Happens Next Our Look Ahead’, among others Forbes predicts that in 2014 the richest man on earth would be Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. His current wealth of US$29bil would swell to US$62bil pipping the world’s current richest man, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.

If you're a big fan of Facebook and a stocks investor, you might be able own a piece of Facebook (in stocks, that is) when in 2012, social networking site Facebook debuts on NASDAQ. Its IPOs value US$40bil and founder Mark Zuckerberg becomes the first 20-something who is worth US$10bil-plus.

And in the US, there'd be more jobs as the US job scene finally improves in 2018 as unemployment drops below 7% and worst of quadruple-dip recession is likely over, Forbes predicts.

There you go, things will look up again in the coming years.


  1. I would love to own a piece of facebook. :D

  2. i am dreaming about Forbes 2015 Report that SK the blogger will be the #1 richman in Malysia in 5 years time, hahaha!!! :D

  3. By 2012, Facebook's popularity may have dropped...

  4. Interesting! But the future can never be accurately predicted. Unexpected things may happen like FB may no longer exist!

  5. I went through the report published in the magazine. It is a fact that Mukesh is emerging as the richest businessman in the world. But I boldly expect to see my name in the list hahahah....