Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sir Richard Branson visits Kuala Lumpur

Sir Richard Branson, a British industrialist, best known for his Virgin Group of over 360 companies, was in town to deliver a talk at the “Dawn of The New Decade: Alternative Investments in Asia" conference.

He commented that Malaysia has a good reputation overseas but there are several issues which the country needs to tackle to attract investors. He also shared about his space travel program and that it is no longer a fantasy as tourists would soon be able to travel to the moon on a day trip and stay in a space hotel.

According to him, the space-travel fare would start from US$200,000 (RM600,000). Virgin Galatic, under the stable of Branson’s Virgin group, is the world’s first commercial company that promotes space tourism and they are 18 months away from taking people into space.

Virgin Galatic had collected some US$45mil (RM135mil) in deposits from more than 330 people who had reserved seats aboard the six-seater spaceship. When this travel program comes into existence, we'd be talking about space insurance instead of auto insurance. So, are you set for space travel? Would you go on this trip if you have the chance?

Source: The Star


  1. Space travel? Haha :d Only when I am a billionaire. :p

  2. wow, sounds interesting huh?? but that's so costly, i won't have the money to pay for that!! and even if i have had the money, i won't be the first to fly, let's speculate the safety return of other patrons first, haha~~ :D

  3. I remember, many years ago, when Bill Gates came to Malaysia, he generated a lot of buzz. I think our media will have a great deal of coverage when Sir Richard Branson set foot on Malaysia.

  4. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Oh read about him dishing out advice to M'sia. Hopefully advice is well taken and acted upon :)