Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eddie Fisher, Pop Singer, Dies at 82

Eddie Fisher is before my time but I remember reading that he was once married to Elizabeth Taylor whom he left Debbie Reynolds for. He was also father to actress and writer, Carrie Fisher. If you remember, she played Princess Leia of Star Wars.

Just read on New York Times that he passed away so thought I'd pay him a tribute by posting this classic song of his, Oh! My Pa-pa.

May he rest in peace.


  1. Eh 1 year older than me how come never heard of him? Oops sorry typo error its more than 1. Eddie Fisher RIP.

    Guess its funny at times, heard a friend 'complaining' he is so and so's son when at a young age. After he got married had a daughter and later introduced as this is so & so's dad. Life is like that..

  2. I think I heard his name before although Carrie Fisher rang a louder bell for me : )

  3. I see, he was the ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor...

  4. It was a shocking news for all of us. We were stopped by the news of his passing away. He was the idol for most of the modern pop singers. Some of his songs are my favorite. We will miss him.