Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blackheads Treatment

As we all know, blackheads are not pretty. What are blackheads? Blackheads are formed from follicles with wider openings than normal. They are filled with sebum and dead skin cells and when they have undergone melanin oxidation, the black color results.

The thing to remember if you are going to try to get rid of your blackheads on your own is not to squeeze them. There is a lot of bacteria beneath your nails and on the fingers, and so you could actually do more damage than good by touching or squeezing blackheads. The best way to avoid permanent scarring is to find an effective blackhead remover that will remove and prevent future blackheads. Get the right blackheads treatment products. They are available in the market.


  1. Thank God I have no blackheads! : )

  2. Bananaz skin started green now yellow-ing, black spots developing no blackheads..what cream to recommend? haha tQ.

  3. Foong, you are one lucky dude, dude! LOL!

    Bananaz people are so lucky..

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