Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chiang Mai - The Taste of Real Thailand

Contributed by Johnny Graves

For most tourists, international travel ends up in Bangkok therefore I arranged my family to take a trip outside the Capital. We all agreed that the best way to enjoy Thai culture would be to take a trip off the beaten path. Initially, we decided to go East, but that changed after my kids heard about Chiang Mai. Later, I learned that they had watched a documentary on BestChoiceTV in our hotel room.

What Is It?

Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand, which is tucked in middle of nowhere at the end of rail track to North. From the first day, it became evident that Chiang Mai was a laid back city where people were not accustomed to the busy lifestyle of metropolitan cities like Bangkok. It is not unusual for Westerners to hang there because it is regarded as the adventure capital of South Asia. Once in Chiang Mai, it didn't take us long to understand why travelers would like it.

Within first three days, we had already taken elephant rides, bamboo rafting trips and elevated canopy tours. As for more subtle fun, we wandered off to local monasteries some of which were located on a desolate patch of land, well hidden from the scrupulous eyes of every day tourist. Actually, my kids never wanted to leave that place.


  1. My brother just came back from Chiang Mai! And he enjoyed it! : )

  2. Oh? Is Thailand alright to visit these days? The last time I heard there were political unrest.

  3. Foong, Chiang Mai is more for those who prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside than the hustle of big bustling cities. I believe every place has its charm for everyone. So, is Chiang Mai on your vacation list next?

    Ai Shiang, I think it's back to normal now. Most of the unrest then was centered in Bangkok anyway.

  4. Sabai sabai..oh Chiang Mai its a nice cool place. Heard can find poppy plants at the neighboring province of Chiang Rai dunno they still grow em now..? tQ.