Friday, July 14, 2006

Fortune Cookie and Others

This post was actually started in the morning but more pressing matters took precedence. Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday again. Did you know that tomorrow has been designated Cow Appreciation Day? Gee, I wonder how in the world are these designations made. Who's the authority? But, no matter, it adds a little spice to life.

Well, have a jolly moo-velous day tomorrow, July 15.

And Sunday, July 16, is Ice Cream Cone Day.

July 18 is Chrysanthemum Day.
Here are two to beautify your day!

July 20 is Moon Day

July 20 is also Fortune Cookie Day.

Send a friend a fortune cookie card.

Friday, July 21, is Monkey Day. And how time flies. It is Friday again!

Happy monkeying around.

And, in case, it's your birthday today, July 14,


  1. It's all mooooooot.

    (Fortune cookie day??!?!????)

  2. I thought the UN designated some days to individuals or events..for example, February 22nd is "Supreme Master Ching Hai Day"..she preaches the Quan Yin method. I met her some years back.

    For more information, go to

  3. Monkey Day? Hee...Ok i think someone would have to celebrate that day for me! 'x'

  4. No doubt the dairy association came up with cow appreciation day. Ever notice how animals in advertising are always happy and living out in wide open spaces - totally the opposite of miserable crowded and confined conditions they really experience.

    I Los Angeles their is a high wall painted with a lovely scene of cows grazing on grassy hills. On the other side of the wall is a meat packing plant.

    Monkey day must be from the White House.

    Fortune cookie day?

  5. MM, yes sir, Fortune cookie day. I found that interesting too. It's like there's a day for almost anything. I suppose these are concocted for commercial reasons, some of them.

    Joe, it's a good thing too, to commemorate people and events. Thanks for the link.

    Red Sponge, so you're a Monkey, eh? People born in the year of the Monkey are supposed to be active and playful - not a bad thing though.

    Pandabonium, so much wisdom and knowledge there. The wall proabably is meant to convey the msg that the meat is from happy and healthy cows.

    Talk about confined conditions, I saw a documentary on black bears in China that are kept for their bile which is used in Chinese medicine. The cages they are confined in are so tiny to the point of cruelty. Fortunately, some of them have been rescued but a lot more are not so fortunate. I won't even go into detail the part about them, the bears, having catheters attached to their body. So sad.