Thursday, June 29, 2006

Party Time

Look Ma! I'm all prettied up for the party.

Dressing up your pets is one thing but what about stripping
them of their fur? I feel sorry for this poor cat. Would you
do this to your pet?


  1. No wonder the Pets would bite and attack their owner!

    Animal Abuse ! heehee

  2. Very nice pics. I love those halloween dogs!

  3. Pandabonium, don't even think about it!


  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Par tay!!!
    Where where
    So cute...
    Hope no animals were harm la

  5. Don't worry Momo. We like you just the way you are - dressed only in a collar and your natural fur coat.

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  7. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I WONDER one of our friend would he strips his new kitten's fur as this poor cat? ;-)

  8. Robin, sad, isn't it?

    Joe, halloween dogs - spooky!

    Hello Momo, yeah, don't even think about it, Pandabonium. Momo looks great shaggy and all.

    Zeroimpact, yep, a doggie pate. Oops! I meant party. hehe...

    PP, just point him or her here for a preview.

  9. Anonymous3:09 PM


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  10. hmmm, it looks like that poor cat is not stripped at all. Looks like a constricting cat suit. Unless the cat's skin is really grey.

    Either that or I just want to feel better about that poor cat.

  11. This is cruelty to animals ...

    But I confess that I find the last picture of the poor cat quite cute; cruel but cute. humans. *sigh*

  12. That cat does NOT look happy. It looks like it is contemplating removing some of its owner's hair...the hard way.

    Don't let PETA see those pics. It might find another reason to continue existing.

  13. PP, Oh noooooo..........

    Agus, a cat-suit? What an imagination. hehe....

    FH2o, cruel but cute - best of both worlds?

    MM, it's something like a mockery of nature. Sad. Is there a law against such a thing, I wonder.

    LB, right! Poor thing!