Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Visiting China

If you visit China or on your next trip, you may want to
try out these food.

They've got soups like

- The week beats the fish soup
- The chicken hates the soup of
- Top soup cloud swallows
- The pig picks the noodle soup

If you like rice, they have

- The curry chicken picks the rice
- Curry rock hind rice
- Living to fry the beef rice

Or if you prefer something more exotic, you may want to try

- Butter many privates.

Don't like butter? No problem. They have it French style too

- France many privates

Or try something else. Take your pick and..... bon appetit!


  1. Yes, the job of internet word translation.

    How about Buddha jump the wall?

  2. and also "vegetable far mushroom rice"!

  3. I would like to order all the dishes with f-word...have the waitress repeat my order and watch her reaction...hehehe!

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Wah...Happy: Where did you find these menu?

    I went to MainLand China a lot and tried various food in diferent restaurants. I don't think the translation work on menu was that bad as you mentioned in here. :-(

  5. FRANCE MANY PRIVATES pls...i hope it comes in the form of hunky french men :p

  6. Anonymous9:55 PM

    hahahaha ... they're trying very hard to "impress" the angmohs with unique menus?

  7. lol! why so the funnies wan! HAHAH..

  8. All your soup are belong to us.

  9. The bureau pig picks the rice

    - a very communist dish

  10. Robin, yeah, direct translations are so lame but I would have thought they would have someone go over the menu before they get it on print. Reminds me of a subtitle I came across. It was a cowboy movie and the guy said something like "Pass me the dough." and the translation came up in Bahasa Malaysia as "roti" for the word "dough". duh!!

    YD, wonder which one is far, the veg or the mushroom. haha..

  11. Joepsc, now that's an interesting thought. And remember to ask her or him to speak up. :D

    Hi Pinkpanther, you must have missed this interesting place. My friend who forwarded this is in the travel trade and this menu is from a 3-star hotel.

    Aiyoh, Pink Cotton, can see you drooling already. haha....

  12. Slurp!, you got it! Competition is really stiff out there and they have to serve better and more unusual stuff. Gosh! privates!

    Hi Winn, yeah lah. I had to subdue my chuckles too.

    "All your soup are belong to us."

    MM, I read a similar line somewhere and as usual you came to mind. Now, where did I see that? I must remember to note it down if I ever come across this type again. This line is so typical of direct translations but so silly yet cute in its own way. Thanks for the laugh.

    Pandabonium, how did I miss that. That is so cool and apt. hahaha...