Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More World Cup - Go! England Go!

I know, I know, I'm a day late in celebrating England's win over
Ecuador but a win is still a win no matter the time.
England 1; Ecuador 0.

There were comments that it was a boring game. By boring,
they probably meant not enough goals to make the game exciting.

Not to me. One single goal was all it took to win in this case.
I'm sure the England team supporters would agree with me.

If you missed the game, this is how the ball went in
made possible by David Beckham, the team captain, who now holds the record of scoring in three World Cups for England.

David Beckham at the game

More of David Beckham (an overkill perhaps but I'm sure
the ladies don't mind.)

While we're at the World Cup, in 1998 Ricky Martin made it big
with his World Cup 1998 song, "The Cup of Life". And there
were some who also got to enjoy some degree of fame then.

Here we go! Ale, Ale Ale! Go, go, go! Ale, Ale Ale!


  1. England will meet the winner of tonight's match between Spain and France. I think Spain will emerge winner to meet England!

  2. Joe, I think so too. In fact, I hope so. Fingers crossed.

  3. aiyo.. dun let the BBC people knows~!

  4. You people fix matches ar? Hehe...

  5. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Yes, Spain for me as well

    >> Rick Kee Mah Ting
    ROTFLAO ...

  6. Hey Low, cannot say lidat one just because Engrand won. Anyway, don't care what you said lah - Engrand already won. Yes!

    Slurp! good for you - but Spain lost le. :(

    AFT, I think your yay! won't be for long as France will be meeting Brazil next. Poor France. No? We shall see. heheheh........