Friday, June 16, 2006

FIFA World Cup

Yes!!! England is through to the second round after
beating Trinidad and Tobago 2-0. England actually gave me a scare.
Did they you too?

England join Ecuador and Germany while Sweden also celebrate.

Picture source: The Star


  1. No, they bored the pants off me for a long long time, until luckily Rooney came on and livened things up! How could Engrand be so bad without him?!! LOL.. but in the end, things worked out, a bit flatteringly 2-0..

  2. "luckily Rooney came on and livened things up! How could Engrand be so bad without him?!!"

    LB, I thought the same too. Boy, am I glad he's fit enough to play. I was beginning to get worried. It's important that they stay top of the table. I love happy endings. haha..

  3. So far England is lucky...they don't look formidable as they should...the test will come in the next round!

  4. Argentina 6 - 0 S&M. Now this World Cup is getting interesting. England's time has yet to come, I think. Let's hope they can avoid Germany in the next stage :p

    Bty Pandabonium, next match for USA is kinda like live-and-death match, maybe you will not yawn too much then :)

  5. yawn with pandabonium. hehee...i havent watch a single match of world cup yet..

  6. Well Low, there are two reasons I'll still be yawning. 1) I'm not into spectator team sports at all; and 2) I carry a US Passport only because the governments of the world force us all to have some passport or other. I think of myself as an inhabitant of earth and pledge allegiance to no flag or potentate.

    So, it's still "yawn".

  7. Joe, looks like Argentina is the team to watch out for. Let's hope all the good teams are on top of their group table then England can survive another round. But then again, the ball is round.

    Sweet Panda, we'll wake you when it's end of hibernation season or feel free to join us when you're done with your non-spectator sport.

    Low, right! Argentina looks great. Yeah, England should not meet them too until later. That shows how little faith we have in England. haha......

    Winn, Winn, you don't know what you're missing. Maybe not.

  8. go angmoh go

    or rather

    goal angmoh goal