Thursday, June 15, 2006

Best Police Cars in the World

You've seen Robin's line-up of taxis in Bangkok, now see
the line-up of best Police cars in the world.

German police car...Lamborgini..gallardo..max speed 320km/hr

Japan...Lancer Evo IX..max speed 280km/hr

France ..Peugeot...sports gt

Spain .....Audi TT max speed 280km/hr

England ....Porsche .....Do I have to tell the speed

Source unknown


  1. malaysia leh?
    i wanna see malaysia's....i never see before..:p

    *acts dumb*

  2. I am sure lots of guys out there wouldn't mind be in the police force!!

  3. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I wan to b policeman
    Got nice nice car to drive
    *happy thoughts happy thoughts*

  4. Anonymous1:49 AM

    oops ... déja vu :P

  5. Yeah, I forgot what the Malaysian Police drive... Surely not Proton?

  6. haha... I think Proton is better than Kancil rite? I think the most I have seen are Wira. But I remembered coming across Perdana police cars too...

    (gosh, I must have been flagged down too many times to notice that)

  7. IS malaysia using the Pro-tom or the Per Dual.

    Singapore uses BMW

  8. Winn, come to think of it, I'm not sure what car is being used in Malaysia. Shame on me, right? I better find out for my own good. haha..

    IML, just for the car, right? You said it: here's one - Zero impact!

    Slurp! deja vu?

    LB, I'm afraid I can't help you on this one as I'm equally in the dark. Oops! Nevermind, you'll know it next month.

    YD, I think you may be right about the Perdana but certainly not Kancil. If the latter, the baddies will have a field day. haha..

    Robin, are you serious? About the BMW? And don't make fun of our cars. We boleh, okay? ;)

  9. The best police cars are the ones that you see before they see you!

  10. This post reminds me of an incident that happened back home in Oregon in the early 80s.
    (Anecdote Alert!!!!!!)

    Some nut was driving his tricked-out Mustang really fast on the Interstate (freeway). He was cruising at more than 110 mph (176 kph). Local police cars from three or four different cities tried to pursue him, but they were left hopelessly behind. Two county sheriff cars joined the chase, but they both wound up blowing their engines. Then the State Police showed up in their Daytona Chargers. They caught up with and passed the Mustang, forced him off the road, and arrested the driver.

    I wish I could've seen that first hand...

  11. malaysian police pandu proton waja ...really proton wan...kancil oso got...
    hm...tho proton but still boleh la. HAHAHHAHA.
    they dun have to drive nice car la.. they look very lcly oredi --> i no like :(

  12. Moody, I heard a similar thing happened on the expressway between Itako and Narita, but no one caught the driver in that case....

  13. Anonymous2:11 PM

    happy, arghh ... nevermind :P
    SG got BMW, Volvo T5 and of late Evo as well.
    For Motorbike, i think they just upgraded Honda VFR

  14. Pandabonium, right, especially if they're in some obscure corner waiting for your faulty move.

    MM, that reminds me of one of those blooper shots on tv. Funny they are. Thanks for sharing that.

    Winn, yeah, Proton Waja - I found out over the w/e too. Kancil oso got? Are you sure? Jeez. They must be using those to patrol the small kampongs (villages).

    Slurp! Sgp very boleh leh. But why do you need such fast machines for that potato of an island? Oops!
    Thanks for the info though.

  15. Anonymous11:41 PM

    we not as boleh as our neighbor ler, that's why we have to be more kiasu hehehe ... LOLz

  16. Slurp! Such modesty. :)