Friday, June 2, 2006

Watching the Da Vinci Code

Some of us go to a cinema to watch a movie;
Some of us go to a cinema to make a movie.
See what I mean below.

Inside the cinema

I'm glad it's Friday. I need the weekend to get my sanity back.
Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone.


  1. Some people feel threatened by other people's points of view.

  2. haha... i just received the same thing in email! Had a hunch about this when i clicked the link. Thanks for sharing.

    I think they did the christmas e-card thingy too, the hokkien version "carol-singing" card. :-) This christian group does use a quite different approach to reach out to the public.

  3. Pandabonium, I read that people who are easily threatened by what others think feel insecure. This is actually self-inflicted.

    YD, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

  4. awww dang... they used to have the cute flash christmas carol e-card at this address:
    But apparently now the link is dead... :-( I should have save it earlier.

  5. They probably would activate it come Christmas?

  6. I kept expecting a big foot to come down and smash everything at the end of that...or Gumbo to jump up and hose everyone down with machine gun fire. Nothing of the sort.

    I'm disappointed.

    zitdmd - A new department in the Pentagon for dealing with acne.

  7. They probably haven't seen the movie as Big Foot may be into Nat Geo and Gumbo into sci-fi or cartoon stuff.

    It just needs one spark.