Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Again

With the World Cup still raging on, thought I'd post some
related stuff for some laughs. First up is this cartoon.
Malaysia is currently experiencing a sugar shortage thus
the goal here is either the World Cup or the Coffee Cup.

Then, there's this guide for burning off those calories packed on
from potato chips and teh tarik or those late night suppers at the
mamak stall. A good guide this one.

And finally, these
Tips for World Cup widows

EVER since the World Cup kicked off on June 9, millions of women across the world have been forced to share their husbands and boyfriends with a seductive rival: football.

It is a testing time but relationships do survive the World Cup. All it takes is skilful tactics and fair play.

Here are eight ways for women to take men on at their own game

1. Join them: One way not to feel left out is to become a supporter yourself. If you know nothing about football, Soccer Tips for Dummies by Michael Lewis may help you get the hang of the offside rule or try The Thinking Fan’s Guide to the World Cup for some insights on what makes your man tick.

Alternatively, get your partner to talk you through it and explain the rules.

2. Play away:
3. Play fair:
4. Stand by your fan:
5. Enjoy the spectacle from the sidelines:
6. Get the whole team involved:
7. Don’t cry foul:
8. The secret is not to worry.

You can go here for details.

Source: The Star


  1. GOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!! Nope, offside!!

  2. Hopefully partners in life will make room for each other's interests.

  3. LB, I missed the England vs Sweden game. Was it worth it?

    Pandabonium, I agree. Thank you for sharing that.