Sunday, April 24, 2011

Diving in Layang-Layang, Malaysia

Diving. It must be an awesome feeling swimming among schools of dolphins and colorful and unusual-looking fishes or among sharks and manta rays in the deep blue sea. If you are a diver, you would be able to experience this, I believe, one of life's rare delights.

A girlfriend who goes on diving trips with her boyfriend (both in the local waters as well as overseas) can't wait to go on the next one each time she comes back from a dive. With its mysterious allure of beautiful creatures, plants and corals, the water world is just as, if not more, mesmerizing as the sights we have on land, I imagine.

Come on! Come with me on a pseudo-dive at Layang-Layang, off the coast of Sabah, and experience the thrill of swimming alongside these awesome sea creatures or have them hovering above you. Woh!!

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Image source: Avillion


  1. Diving and enjoying the beauty under the sea is simply magical.

    I can't dive though so I just settle for some snorkeling instead. ^^

  2. Heard its so nice and a great experience to swim with the dolphins..

  3. Love the website of Layang-Layang & the music too..

  4. I would love to dive amongst those majestic manta ray. :D

  5. I can't dive, I am already having trouble snorkelling! LOL!

  6. Lina, diving involves a lot more than meets the eye so snorkelling may be the next best thing.

    Bananaz, I find the music nice too, kinda soothing. Yes, the website is well done up.

  7. Tekkaus, I'm sure.

    Foong, LOL! Practice makes perfect. No?