Saturday, April 16, 2011

Puduraya Bus Terminal reopens today, April 16

What a shame, it is raining so early in the morning. The sun should shine today in celebration as not only it's the day where Sarawak decides, it's also the day that after several postponed reopenings, the last being in September of last year, the 35-year-old Puduraya Bus Terminal finally opens for operation today. For a terminal that has undergone massive renovations costing RM52.7mil, I certainly would like to visit the place to check it out. Will you?

According to The Star, the new Puduraya terminal has three new waiting areas, one on the Mezzanine floor and two more on the first floor. There are two units of walkalators and disabled-friendly facilities.

There are 50 ticketing counters on the first floor. A company has been appointed to work withthe bus companies on the e-ticketing system. Once e-ticketing is enforced, the tout problem can be resolved as people can now buy tickets online and via the e-kiosk.

The practice of buses waiting alongside Jalan Pudu to pick up passengers will be discontinued. Buses will now have to park at the depot at Jalan Galloway, Off Jalan Pudu, and they will be given a 20-minute waiting time before they can come into Puduraya to pick up passengers. We will experience cleaner air now outside the terminal as buses queuing up outside the terminal with their engines running and causing congestion will no longer happen.

You might want to note that Puduraya is only for intracity buses and long-distance buses going north and Seremban. If you are going south beyond Seremban, Bandar Tasik Selatan station is the station to go to.

Work on the Puduraya Hotel is expected to complete by June. The hotel has been renamed to Angkasa Express.

Map of Puduraya Bus Terminal

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Map of Bandar Tasik Selatan

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As someone from Kuala Lumpur, I would like to say, Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and Welcome to the new Puduraya Bus Terminal!

Image source, third picture: The Star

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  1. Wow back to the jams for the nearby places or should be OK by now. Might check it one day when I take LRT to KL. tQ

  2. used to go to puduraya last time to take bus back to hometown.. now that i drive, i never go to that place anymore.. hopefully it's now way better than the previous "messy" one.. :)

  3. I will surely miss puduraya. :( Why do we have to take our bus at BTS now? Damn it. Who's brilliant idea is it? :/

  4. No more a horrible place =)

  5. Bananaz, hopefully jams greatly reduced as the buses are not allowed to be waiting outside.

    Ken, used to be messy, alright but bearable. The new look is definitely much improved. Will have to visit the place to check it out. Lucky you, that this is still the station for you should you need to take the bus to your hometown up north.

  6. Tekkaus, LOL! Frankly, I am glad Puduraya is still in use as its in a strategic location being in the city center with easy access to places of interest, including Chinatown and Central Market.

    Jfook, been to the new Puduraya already? Cool!

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  8. Thanks for the love and the sharing, Kuba. See you around.