Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Income Tax tax-saving tips and Broadband & Travel claims

A reminder that there are only five days left to submit your income tax returns.

You can either file in your forms using the Inland Revenue Board's (IRB) e-filing system or submit them manually. E-filing service counters in all states will remain open from 8am to 6pm this Friday and Saturday.

Tax payments can be made through IRB's online payment service or its appointed banks.

Be aware that failure to submit Income Tax forms is an offence under the Income Tax Act 1967, and defaulters could be fined between RM200 and RM2,000 or jailed up to six months or both.

For further details, visit www.hasil.gov.my or call 1300-88-3010.

If you haven't filed your returns, here are some tax-saving tips, though drawn up in 2008, I believe they are still applicable. Do check them out, they may be able to save you some money.

Also, here is a Q&A from The Star on Broadband and travel claims answers of which are provided by the Inland Revenue Board's Communications Unit for your reference which might help clear some doubts you might be having.

Source: The Star


  1. i have already submitted online a month ago, and already banked in the refund cheque from IRB, haha!! :D

  2. Wah SK so efficient!

    I did mine just now during lunch hour.:)

  3. I have yet filed mine. Yikes! :(

  4. coming from Eugene's blog. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Think I will do it soon : )

  6. Online tax return is convenient. I file returns online since 1999. But in australia, I don't understand why companies still have to use paper returns.

  7. SK, kudos! You are an early bird.

    Lina, good for you too - you made it by the deadline.

  8. Tekkaus, I'm sure you made it on time too..

    Hi Isaac, you're welcome. Thanks for coming by.

  9. Foong, LOL! Everybody works best under pressure..

    Couponsforzipcodes, thanks for stopping by.

  10. Ai Shiang, online tax return is catching on here in Malaysia and is encouraged though there are people who are still comfortable with paper returns.