Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Skirt Test

Oh my goodness! This is soooooo me! Sorry to disappoint you..

See if it tells about you too. Not sure if this quiz is gender-specific though. Maybe not?

You Are Reflective

You don't expect perfection. You accept yourself, flaws and all. You are good enough!

You are proud of what you know how to do. And you know that you're improving every day.

You tend to keep good news to yourself... or only share it with a few very close to you.

You are self-sufficient and don't need many friends to live a happy life. You are very private.

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  1. Bananaz is sure SWEET one ~;). tQ

    You Are Sweet
    You are a very loving person. You are tender-hearted and touchy-feely.
    You are sympathetic. You naturally have a lot of empathy for everyone around you.

    Whenever you are able, you are helpful. You are like to do good in this world.
    You relish having the role of caretaker. You feel honored that others accept your compassion.