Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting legal advice on Offshore injury issues

Some people I know travel so often yet they think nothing of taking out a travel insurance policy. It is not the money because this policy is not expensive at all but it is the hassle, they say.

Those of us who work in big companies have the benefit of the company taking out insurance policies for its employees. These policies vary in coverage. Some cover around-the-clock, others just the work hours. Say if you are working offshore, for instance, on an oil platform, Offshore Injury coverage is of utmost importance because there are no light duty jobs on an oil platform, barge or cargo ship, and accidents do happen.

Most of us (me included) don't normally read the fine print but it is really good to know in the event of an injury, how will the medical bills be paid, what your employer's obligations are during your recovery and if a serious injury leaves you unable to return to work, what are your options. Thank goodness for maritime lawyers who can help us sort these out.

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