Thursday, April 21, 2011

Port Dickson can be a great holiday destination too

Many of us travel the world in search of new sights, new tastes, new holiday experiences forgetting that some of the best of these can be found in our very own land. Life is like that. The grass is always greener on the other side.

While on a trip to Port Dickson, my friends and I visited a number of hotels and resorts along that stretch along the beach. Most of these places are impressive with their own private beach; outstanding spa and pool facilities that are on par with some of KL's best, probably the world too, I suspect; chalets by the sea reminiscent of those you see on Bora Bora brochures; sunsets that promise a romantic evening ahead.

They even have rooms as refreshing as the one in the image below found at an Outer Banks rentals website. The room is a delightful, bright and airy ocean-front room.


  1. and its really near to KL too. Great for a quick weekend escapade. :)

  2. Never been to PD before but i have seen some bloggers blogged about it and the pictures were very nice,,,, now got me thinking of planning a holiday there,..


  3. yeah, provided you can afford those luxury resorts, hahaha.. else you just end up with the ever packed and dirty public beaches.. :p