Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'Anwar Ibrahim' video clip

Latest Update Jan 9, 2012 - High Court verdict: Anwar not guilty

Everyone must still be wondering whether the man in the video is indeed Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim. A video clip of just a minute and 47 seconds from the 22-minute full video (black-and-white video has no audio) was seen on You Tube but has since been taken down due to ‘violation of rules’.

Well, what do you think?

For full article, check out NST..Sex clip seen on YouTube

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference at her home in Segambut Dalam, PKR president, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (wife of Anwar) said she had watched the short video clip posted on Youtube on Monday with her family. She insisted that the man in the sex video is not her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
“It is not him. It is clear that the body and physique of the actor' in the video is extremely different from that of Anwar.

Full article..The Star..Wan Azizah: Man in video is not Anwar

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  1. Ok, let me sound blunt here,please tell me "how many of those MPs are really sleeping with their wives alone,and never in their lives did it with another woman." so i really don't care if it is Anwar or not..

    secondly, which one is more detrimental to people like us or more immoral as far as people is concerned,,having sex with a prositute or corrupting millions upon millions of people money away.

    I rather see the Royai Commision of Investigation be set up,investigating those corrupt politician,rather than harping on this sex video.

  2. It's not as if all the other "holer-than-thou" ploticians are a saint themselves.

    When we get worked up about things like this, these politician see dirty tactics as a valid way to win support. :(

  3. I see many politicans engage in misconduct even here. No big deal I guess, it's the religion, politics and media that are making it a fuss.

  4. yeah, doesn't look like him in that photo woh..

  5. How to fry the very same fried rice many times over and over again? ..dirty tactics turned stale already..

  6. Too bad people are so psychologically hung up about sex that this sort of thing would matter.

    Religion - go figure.

  7. Eugene, hear, hear! You certainly hit the nail right on the head! The rakyat (people) at large know what's going on yet still put the same people back into power.

    In a way, you are fortunate to be in a state (Penang) that is seeing better times. Selangor is also seeing improvement like the free parking lot in PJ Section 10, (and more to come) which I read in the papers a few days ago. That's a step in the right direction for the rakyat. It's little things like these that add up to lessen the (financial) burden of the people. Everyone will need to choose wisely for a better country for all in GE13 but let's start at the next Sarawak state polls slated for Apr 16.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eugene.

  8. Lina, it's scary the yardstick and double-standards they are using. Scarier still are their tactics. Ethics and morality have gone to the gutters! I hate to say it but Malaysia Boleh!

  9. Ai Shiang, LOL, you probably don't know the kind of 'misconduct' our people here are involved in. Let's not even go there!

    I suppose what one does in one's private life may be none of anyone's business but I believe if one is in a public position as to be able to influence, a certain degree of decorum and restraint is called for. No?

  10. SK, I saw the video clip but definitely no resemblance even though I haven't seen the Opposition leader topless. Oops!

  11. Bananaz, they probably think people don't know how refried fried rice taste like.

  12. PandaB, sad. indeed. A change is longgggg overdue!