Monday, February 16, 2015

Good days to start work in 2015 after Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival or more commonly known in this part of the world as the Chinese New Year is just days away - 1st day of the 15-day celebration begins on the 19th.

Some would have already called it a year and have started their trip back to their hometown over the weekend. Some are still not sure when to commence work after the long holiday.

If you are someone who sort of is concerned about starting the new year on the right footing (who doesn't anyway), here's a guide on good days or auspicious dates to start work after Chinese New Year.

That chart below provides not only the dates but the best timing as well, together with info on which animal to avoid which day.

I don't have info for best colour(s) to wear this year but I remember reading that red is the colour this year but then again, red is THE colour for Chinese New Year. You won't go wrong wearing red, right down to the unmentionables. :D

Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat!

2015 开市或开工吉日系列 2015 Auspicious dates and time for work resumption after Chinese Lunar New Year holidays:

Source: Goodfengshui

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