Saturday, October 29, 2005

Higher ticket fares due to higher fuel prices

Higher fuel prices is the culprit for higher prices all around.
The latest victim being higher ticket fares.

Travelling is fun but can be a costly affair. A traveller has to
contend with the cost of the air-ticket or cost of the tour package
whichever the case.

Even before you get on the plane, the toll begins - fuel surcharge
and travel insurance.

During travel, there are the optional side-trips (that the travel
agent conveniently not mention), the irresistible exotic food
you simply had to try, the impulsive shopping (of things you could
not figure out why you bought them in the first place). Of course
not forgetting the obligatory tips for the guides.

After the travel, there is the arduous task of reconciling the
credit card statements, but this is for another post.
Ahhhh.....the 'joys' of travel.

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