Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Furby up for grabs on Red 104.9

Here's a chance to win a Furby. According to The Star:

From now until Oct 29, you can look out for the Red Sorento Crew to win yourself a Furby. Track down the locations of the Red Sorento at noon everyday.

Next, try your best to put Furby to sleep and you will stand a chance to bring home a Furby worth RM199.

You can also stay tuned to Terry and Albert In the Coffee Shoppe between 1pm and 4pm from today until Oct 21.

Listen up for the cue to call and dial 03-4043 1049 and give the deejay the password “Hey Furby”.

You are required to answer some multiple-choice questions.

If you answer correctly, you will take home a Furby. For more Information, visit www.red1049.com.my.

The Star operates Red 104.9.

Source: The Star

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