Friday, October 14, 2005

Furby, the talking, singing cuddly toy

Christmas is fast approaching and if you're already drawing up a presents list why not include a Furby.

The new Furby is bigger and more advanced than the 1998 version that took the world by storm

Furby can chat with you any time of the day, sing songs or tell jokes when you are down and play games with you when you are bored.

“Furby became a historic bestseller and a cultural phenomenon when it hit the market in 1998,” said Hasbro's Toy Malaysia general manager Ng Chai Lee at the launch of Furby in Subang recently. 40 million pieces were sold globally.

Hasbro’s Toy Malaysia marketing manager Albert Tan holding up two of the new Furbys’

It can speak hundreds of words, speaking English and “Furbish.”

It has a flexible beak, rolling eyes and movable ears and brows for a wide range of facial expressions.

The new Furby, which is double the size of the original version, comes with an “ off” switch. Alternatively, you can ask it to go to sleep, and it will close its eyes and snore.

The Furby is available at Toys'R'Us stores and leading department and toy stores.

Source...The Star

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