Sunday, October 30, 2005

MyKad reader a hot seller

This brings to mind my hairdresser who related that she was
asked by her bank manager whether she's a Muslim from Sri Lanka
as her new MyKad said so. The fact is, she is a Chinese from
up north. She hastily got it sorted out.

So this gadget is useful.

USER FRIENDLY: The IST MyReader comes in different colours and can read information stored in MyKad

The reader can display certain information contained in the MyKad such as the IC number (both old and new), address, driving licence details and passport information.

But its biggest selling point is that the information on religion is also displayed.

Mistakes in data entry have resulted in embarrassing situations.

For example, Wong related the case of a woman who wanted to get married but her marriage registration was rejected because her sex was listed as ''male'' in her new MyKad.

Read article: MyKad reader a hot seller...The Star

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