Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Frolics - What's Your Coffee Style?

Some quizzes make you think a bit, in a good way, that is. This week's quiz is like that. If you drink coffee, this quiz is more meaningful and will probably yield a result closer to home.

Take this week's quiz to know your coffee style and to learn something more about yourself.

Happy Friday!

You Are an Espresso Drink

You love coffee, but it's likely not an everyday thing for you. You see coffee more as a treat.

You love to indulge in a latte, cappuccino, or even an espresso from time to time. You enjoy a coffee break.

You are both reflective and friendly. You love to have a long chat with a good friend.

Your energy tends to be steady and consistent. You take life as it comes and try to keep everything on an even keel.

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  1. mine says

    You Are Home Brewed Coffee

    Coffee isn't just something you love; it's something you need. Your life runs on coffee.
    You'd love to be a total coffee snob, but you just don't have the time. You'll take whatever coffee you can get.

    You are a busy person whose life can be a bit hectic, but you don't mind. You like staying productive.
    You have big goals, and you don't want to slow down. You may barely have time to breathe, but you have just enough time to pour some coffee.

  2. oh, i have got the same result as your Happy.. but i really don't drink coffee often, haha.. but i guess this month you need lots of them in order to stay up to watch World Cup huh?? :p

  3. Cold Brew Cofi for Bananaz..not that very 'choon' this time haha. tQ HS have a great ola bola...;),

  4. I'm also home-brewed: my life runs on coffee! :D

  5. I don't take coffee, but I still did the test.. Oohh, I'm the Espresso Drink..