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EU Referendum - June 23, Remain or Leave

I'm following the polls, the EU Referendum in the UK where results are coming in just as we speak.

The results so far as at 6:40AM London time is as follows:

If you are interested here's where you can follow the latest results as well.

A Summary from the website..

o Polls have closed in a referendum on whether the UK remains a member of the EU or leaves

o Around 46.5m people were registered to vote in what is the third nationwide referendum in UK history

o Votes will be counted at 382 local counting areas in the UK and Gibraltar

o Individual areas' results will be declared throughout the night, along with results from 11 national and regional centres

o Electoral Commission estimates a final result "around breakfast time" on Friday

o See referendum results as they come in

The first result to be declared comes from Gibraltar. And Gibraltar has voted overwhelmingly in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union.

Gibraltar's chief minister votes
Gibraltar's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has voted, accompanied by his wife Justine - and huge interest from the Spanish media.

Gibraltar, is a British overseas territory at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula and has around 30,000 residents. It's has also been a British territory since 1713, though Spain continues to claim sovereignty over the territory. But, the majority of Gibraltarians are British citizens with British passports. 84% of Gibraltarians turned up to vote in the EU referendum. 19,322 checked the box to stay in the EU and 823 voted to leave. Who are the Gibraltar 823?

Where is Gibraltar?

A few of the results:

- Watford votes to Leave

- Sunderland votes Leave

- And more Leave votes coming in

• Blackpool
• Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire
• Uttlesford, Essex

- More Remain votes coming in

Hammersmith and Fulham, London
• Remain 56,188 (70.02%)
• Leave 24,054 (29.98%)

• Remain 24,111 (50.12%)
• Leave 23,992 (49.88%)

- Both Lambeth and Wandsworth have voted to remain in the EU.

- Glasgow votes Remain. First result from a big Scottish city comes in for Remain.

- Burnley votes to Leave.

- Swansea backs Brexit
Swansea has backed Leave. Here are the details:
• Remain: 58,307 (48.49%)
• Leave: 61,936 (51.51%)
Turnout: 120,243 (69.52%)

- Belfast West votes to Remain

- City of London votes to Remain - The turnout for the City of London was 73.58%.

- Dundee votes Remain

- Swindon votes Leave

Swindon has voted by a majority in favour of leaving the EU. Here are the figures:
• Remain: 51,220
• Leave: 61,745
• Turnout: 76%

- Isles of Scilly votes Remain

- Newcastle votes Remain
Newcastle declares its result - and narrowly comes out in support of Remain. Here's the breakdown:
• Total ballots counted: 129,072
• Remain: 65,404
• Leave: 63,598
• Turnout: 68%

- Orkney Islands votes Remain

Other snippets..

'Huge swing for the pound'
Traders have been reacting to that violent move for the pound after the results from Newcastle and Sunderland.

"It was a huge swing for the pound - something we virtually never see. The move was bigger than the pound dropped on Black Wednesday," said Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital.

"Nervousness is palpable in the markets as there is the potential that assets have been wildly mispriced. Investors were a little too complacent and if we do see a vote out we will see moves well beyond this," he added.

Pound is being 'killed' on the markets
"These moves are concerning and bring back pretty painful memories of 2008," said Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First.

Pretty good illustration of the results so far. A tweet in reference to the final result:

'projection for the final result looks something like this.' Clever.

Oxford count stalled after councillor ejected

Oxford City Councillor Mike Rowley was restrained by door staff at Oxford Town Hall when he was refused entry to the EU referendum count

Rain stops voting
BBC South's political correspondent Peter Henley tweets that some commuters say problems on Southern Trains stopped them getting home in time to vote.

Torrential rain caused disruption on the railways in the South East, with travellers from Waterloo and on the London to Brighton line affected.

Anxious wait at campaign HQs...
With a long night ahead, a photographer at Remain HQ rests his feet while he awaits news

Even Lindsay Lohan is watching..

An unlikely referendum-watcher?

The American actress Lindsay Lohan appears to be taking a keen interest in the referendum results from across the pond.

So far she has thanked us for our primers on UK geography and has warned of the effects on small businesses.

Campaign literature: A challenge for librarians
Now that so much campaign literature and political debate is produced and takes place online, libraries face different challenges in capturing and archiving it.

Curator Daniel Payne explains how the LSE Library is collecting ephemera relating to the referendum.

Brexit Tories urge Cameron to remain PM
Eighty four Conservative MPs who campaigned for the UK to leave the EU have written to David Cameron urging him to remain PM, whatever the result.

Referendum result - who's watching?

Google is tracking global interest in the referendum, with a map showing where it is being searched - the darker the colour, the more search interest. Predictably, there's strongest interest in the UK and Europe, but also in other parts of the English speaking world, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Top Cities searching EU Referendum

David and Samantha Cameron have cast their EU referendum votes in London.

More photos..

Flooding at Uxbridge, West London

Counting begins in Gibraltar

Ballot boxes are on their way for counting at the university in Gibraltar. About 23,000 UK citizens in the British overseas territory were eligible to vote.

Vote counters at the ready
With voting closed, counting can begin. In Swansea, 150 counters are primed and ready for the first ballot boxes to arrive.

Quirky Polling Station
As well as dogs, another traditional feature of polling day are pictures of quirky voting venues. In Croydon, south London, a garage has been turned into a polling station - and, as an added bonus, there are two dogs waiting outside.

Chelsea pensioners out in force

Relaxing in Gibraltar...
There's been fine weather in much of the UK today but some areas, including the south east of England, have been deluged with rain.

So spare a thought for the folk of Gibraltar, where many EU referendum voters have been enjoying a sunny afternoon after a trip to the polling station.

On the buses - Some voters in Kingston-upon-Hull get to cast their vote on a bus.

Another Polling Station

Voting across Scotland
Voting in the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union has begun.

Polling places across the country will be open until 22:00, with the final result said to be expected at "breakfast time" on Friday.

The ballot box for the Hebridean island of Gigha - where there are 122 voters - was transported to the island by the Loch Ranza ferry on Tuesday.

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