Thursday, August 11, 2016

Safety guidelines for Pokemon Go players

For Pokémon Go players and parents of players, some safety guidelines for a positive Pokémon Go playing experience..

The Star.. MCMC comes up with safety guidelines for Pokemon Go

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has issued safety guidelines for Pokemon Go players, warning players and parents that the game collects and shares the personal data of its users.

"The game requires you to register and share personal information, including information from the phone's Global Positioning System. Consider whether you are willing to share such personal information, and parents should be aware that their children's data is collected as they play Pokemon Go," said the MCMC in a press release on Wednesday.

It added that people playing Pokemon Go should be aware of online and offline fraud while playing the augmented reality game.

"Be careful of fake and suspicious mobile applications that are offered to you. Such applications could be malware or expose you to hackers," added the MCMC.

The MCMC also advised players to be mindful of how much money was being spent while playing the game as there were incentives to encourage players to spend up to USD99.99 (RM403.86) to buy 14,500 PokeCoins.

It also advised gamers to be mindful of how much of their data plan was being consumed by Pokemon Go and to carry a power bank.

"Bring a power bank or a power source in case you need to call your family in an emergency," said the MCMC.

The MCMC also advised gamers to not wander into dangerous or forbidden areas and places of worship while playing the game and to be careful when meeting with people.

"Don't play the game alone and don't agree to meet strangers who contact you through the game. Be careful while using your phone, and don't ride a bicycle, motorcycle or drive while you play Pokemon Go or messaging your friends and family," said the MCMC.

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