Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Creative Garage Remodeling Ideas

By Kaitlin Krull

For most of us, the garage is a convenient place to park our cars, stash our tools, and store Christmas decorations. While these uses are all valid, we at Home Improvement Leads think that your garage is capable of more. Here are some of the most creative, innovative, and clever garage remodeling ideas to help you turn your garage into a beautiful asset to your home.

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Ultimate Guest Room
Parents often threaten to banish their teenage children to the garage after one too many sessions on the drum kit, but we think there’s something to be said for creating a bedroom out of your garage space. If you don’t use your garage as a carport and are short on spare rooms in your home, this is the perfect solution. Since most garages are already equipped with electricity and water tight cladding, your remodeling job will be mostly cosmetic. New carpeting, a fresh coat of paint, and a few pieces of bedroom furniture will turn your garage into the ultimate guest room in a flash.

Workout Room

Workout Home Gym Room.jpg

If you’re interested in fitness and working out, finding a place to store your gym equipment in the home can be difficult. Since we all know that space is a precious commodity, spare your bedrooms and living areas from gym-related clutter by converting your garage into a workout room.

Equipment of all sizes will easily fit into this large, open space, so feel free to invest in as much gear as you need to kit out your workout room. Add personality and style to this space with a fresh coat of paint, mirrored walls, a wall-mounted television, and comfortable seating for post-session cool downs.

Craft Room

The same space issues that fitness lovers find are also common with crafters—there’s just not enough room for all of your stuff! If this sounds like you, then turning your garage into a bespoke craft room is the perfect solution to your problems. Storage and organization are key here, since every crafter knows that a well-organized crafting space fosters productivity. Personalize your craft room with plenty of counter and worktop space, labeled supply storage, and motivational decorative accessories to get your creative juices flowing.

Entertainment Room
Traditional garages usually function as hangouts for car and DIY enthusiasts, but seating and decorative accessories tend to be put aside in favor of convenient folding chairs and tools. Embrace the lounge aspect of your garage by creating an entertainment room that suits your personal tastes. While a big screen television, leather armchairs, and a bar will work perfectly for sports loving homeowners, others might prefer gaming consoles, foosball, and pool tables.

Game room garage.jpg

Home Office
Working from home has its obvious benefits, but office space is generally not one of them. Rather than turning a spare room or playroom into your home office, make use of your garage space. We love this remodeling option because it gives you a purpose built, private, and quiet room away from the busyness of home life with relatively little DIY requirements. One top tip: make sure your Internet connection and other electronics will be able to work in your garage space.

Mud Room
If you have children, or pets, or a significant other whose first priority when arriving home is not always removing shoes, you’ll know that outside mess has a way of spreading throughout the house at an alarming rate. Houses that lack large entryways or mudrooms are particularly susceptible to this kind of mess—but don’t worry, the solution is simple! By turning part of your garage into a mudroom with storage for coats, shoes, and bags, you can leave most of the dirt and grime from the outside world in a room that’s meant to be untidy. We love this idea because you don’t have to completely sacrifice the functionality of your garage in order to create a mudroom area.

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